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Soapstone Countertops for Your Kitchen

Custom Soapstone Countertops near Boston!

What are Soapstone Countertops?

Soapstone countertops has been used for hundreds of years. In fact most people don’t realize that its been a building material all around the world for thousands of years. One of the main reasons for using soapstone has always been it’s beautiful natural rustic appearance that is hard to find in any other material. So what exactly is soapstone? Well simply explained it is a natural stone that comes from quarries. It is mined from the earth like marble and granite. So it is completely natural and free from any chemicals or any man-made processes.

Why would you want to consider soapstone as a countertop?

soapstone countertops boston

soapstone countertops Boston

The main reason would be the distinctive look of soapstone. It adds a rustic earthy look with a soft smooth texture similar to marble. Generally soapstone countertops vary in the amount of veining as well as color depending on the where it was mined from in the world.

Word of advice on choosing soapstone is similar to marble it is a softer stone then granite. However, it varies in the level of softness also known as the density of the stone. The softer the stone the more “scratches” are possible on the finish. Some people love the softer stone as the “scratches” make the stone look “worn” and adds a very unique look. If you are not looking to achieve that look then we would advise you look for a harder version of soapstone.

You can also get  your countertop in soapstone that varies in color. Not all soapstone is dark gray or light grey. Some look slightly green, some black, and the list goes on. It is also possible to change the color of a lighter soapstone to a darker color by sealing it with a oil. It is a permanent seal so make sure to see an sample before ordering the whole thing oil sealed.

What are the Pros and Cons of Soapstone Countertops?

Pros of soapstone:

  • The look  – Very distinctive aged look. Soft, rustic, and looks to last a thousand years. Also it will last that long.
  • Low Maintenance – No need to seal the countertop but it can be sealed with a oil or wax
  • Durable  – It’s stone so it is durable but like any stone don’t hit it with a hammer. It has it’s limits
  • Scratches can look good – For the softer versions “Micro” scratches are going to happen but the good thing is it looks good that way. The countertop looks used and aged
  • Healthy Choice  – No chemicals or man-made products
  • Last Forever  – Besides it will be around longer then your house the style also lasts. It has for thousands of years and for more
  • Heat Resistant – You can put hot pans on it with no problems


Cons of soapstone:

  • Most are soft – If you don’t like the possibilities of scratches then ask for a non-soft color
  • Limited Selection – While there are a few options for colors they are not that many.
  • Needs quality craftsmanship – Don’t think you can save a few bucks and hire the guy who works out of his garage. Needs to be crafted and installed by “Craftsman”.
  • Seal or not to seal – Soapstone is porous, which mean water can soak in as well as other liquids. The more dense colors not as much but if you get a soft stone you need to decide if you want it sealed. If so wax seal wont change the color but oil seal will make it darker
  • Consistency – It is natural stone but it like marble and veining and colors can vary greatly. So if you have a big kitchen you need to make sure there is enough of that material because you can not mix and match

See our FAQ page or Blog for more info on Soapstone.