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Caesarstone Countertops for Your Kitchen

Quality Caesarstone Countertops!

Caesarstone Countertops

Caesarstone Countertops for your Kitchen Counters

When thinking of quartz countertops the name Caesarstone comes to mind for most people first. The reason is Caesarstone was one of the first major brands of quartz countertops available and one of the best still. If your looking for Caesarstone Countertops for your kitchen countertops you have came to the right place.

New View Marble and Granite has provided Caesarstone countertops since we opened and our quality and affordable prices has given us the reputation as the go to source for Caesarstone.

What are Caesarstone Countertops?

Caesarstone Countertops are a brand of quartz countertop also know as an engineered stone or man-made stone countertop. They are made of 93% quartz with gives them higher flexible strength compared to other natural stones. The manufacturing process also makes them nonabsorbent which means not need for sealing like natural stone. See our quartz countertops page for more details.

What are the Pros and Cons of Caesarstone Countertops?

Pros: (As a Brand)

  • Long History – Caesarstone has been in the industry the longest out of the quartz countertop brands which mean they have years of testing and perfecting.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Since they are well establish you can trust if something goes wrong they will still be in business to help. See their warranty here.
  • Large Color Selection – One of the largest and most popular colors selections

Cons: (As a Brand)

  • Cost – You get what you pay for and as one of the best they are not one of the cheapest.

Are Caesarstone Countertops good Kitchen Countertops?

Of course Caesarstone Countertops make great kitchen countertops. If you want a quartz countertop and want a quality brand and quality product that is worry free than Caesarstone is a great choice.